So here I am just watching a re-run of last night’s Daily Show while trying to motivate to finish grading my students’ final papers, and on comes an ad for the DVD/Blu-Ray release of “The Town.” As has become the custom now, the ad not only enjoins you to purchase said movie on the digital format of your choice, but also goes to great pains to point out that it’s not yet available on Netflix or Red Box. Which all just seems fascinating because it points out there’s really only two desires we as Americans have when it comes to our consumption: getting it faster or not having to do any work to get it. Netflix lets us open a webpage and click a box and then get a DVD in the mail without even really realizing we’ve done anything. But if you want to get “The Town,” that’s just not going to cut it. You have to go to a different webpage (Amazon, say) and pay more money but with the promise of getting it before other people who are lazy in a different way.

So pick your poison. Do you want things fast, or do you want things lazy?